Tuesday, November 29, 2005



Putting in a new distributor in my classic muscle Mustang this week,


I continue to be textually impaired,

Hence: image keyword "Distribution".

distribution barrier

median distribution

LED  Distribution

distribution of the universe


distribution day

strike to distribution line


Distribution B




Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Time for another lazy google image run.

keyword: Spec



my ring












spec polished (No, Emma, it's not a toy!)


(you'd think there'd be more pictures of some insignificant dust.)

Friday, November 11, 2005



To: All United States Armed Forces Veterans,
past, present and future...

Thank you.

Friday, November 04, 2005

More Conversing With ltl<>mike

I know. Most of you probably wonder, "what the hell is this random shit?"
Well, suffice to say, it's the result of a telephone, a friend, and a cool old manual typewriter.
Oh, and beer... whoot! here we go again!


The television asks, “Do you have enough?”
Then it sells me beer.
I see this and ask myself, “Is a talking box enough?”
Test the disk.

And ltl<>mike says, “We need a solar powered tank.”
Yep, I says…
Plan of attack, plan of fame.
Lust for history.
Then there’s Frank Black.

Acetate. Acetic. Acetone.
(Fr. L. Acetum, vinegar + -ATE.)

The strangest thing about this material world is
That without the people in it,
It is but lifeless and cold.
Kind of grey.
We sometimes forget this truth…
That alone, we are empty and pursuing madness.

Isolation is the greatest punishment.
Trials and tribulations,
It is the judgment of others which drives us.
The careless smile, the omission of acknowledgement…
These are the heart killers.

All Life knows this.
All Life feels this.
I feel it now.
I am feeling it now.
Life alone is worse than death.

Breath in
Enter exhale
Exit inwards.
Sometimes life seems much like a poker game,
If you believe in infinite reincarnation.
Then it’s just chips.

Bet, risk, reward.
It’s a game.
But it’s serious.
It is a game of the heart.
Beating and Flow,
Into the preposition.

Containing, smooth, flat, long, wide, breadth, planer, solid, limits.

Singular, opening, hole, passage, light leaver, transparent transcendence.

Space as the limit of ego.
That which is outside of me.
Separation of you and me.
In, out, self, other.

With the genesis of at least dueling duality,
There can come dynamism.
Change is the secret.


Robotic Fish.
A nuclear submarine shaped like a fish.

How to take your self seriously.
How to not take your self seriously.
Two books by RONCO.


Time said, move on.
Time cried, I see.
Life reflected into darkness.
You and me.
We drift on the open sea.
Our raft held by tenuous bindings.
We dream right beside each other of palm trees waving gently in the breeze.
Of sands, fury and the many ways land interacts with the ocean.
The rocks and the waves.
The fish and the greenery.
Sometimes, it makes its presence known.
Sometimes, it is present unseen.
The faceless with eyes, the motioning…


And into the blue.
The scene found us sight unseen.
The death found its own birth.
Luxury living. Tight seams.
Where’s the hardship?
Where is the common thread?
I’m still working on it.

I wonder how discipline walks.
I think of the steps to achievement.
I summate much bullshit.
But I can type.

I can speak.

I can lay to not get up.
I can dive below the Sea.
I know the sea is me.
And the I is just an island.


I know eye.
I see him as me.
I forget the tea.

Oh the tea.

Such mountainous me.
I’m walking in circles, feeling the pain. –WEEN

Who knows on what twisted paths our hearts will lead us?
Who knows really how to end any life without a preposition of in to under out.

I’m missing her.
But does it matter?
Bus stop. Train station. Which category?
All things seem to matter.
Which choice is real?
The path taken.
That’s right. Walk out in front of me.
Trees overhung the Parkland path.
“Unfortunately, things are good for us.”
Pacing round the cage.
Lions in captivity walk thus…

Day Five. Empowerment.

Blend it!
Mend it!
Are you talking crazy shit?!

Pandora bauxite.
Make the medicine.
Eat the scorpion.

Don’t shoot the cops.
Enough people are shot on Federal.
Go read a news story.
What’s the word?

Spring Summer Fall Winter.
Do a painting guide, for the inside.
Creative pragmatism.

Charles Manson is what was wrong with the Sixites.

Google Earth.

I respect what you have to say.
You own, your own operating system.
If it ain’t broke, I ain’t gonna fix it.

That’s the state of the case, man.
A king fisher flew overhead.
Over the crick, it’s ok.
Go out the other side.

We’ll get bored with war.
Conventional…no more sneaky bombing.
Everybody has to get into a big ring.
Unfortunately we all have to die.

Death is sleep.
How long is sleep?
What if you never wake up.

Talkin’ about.

TDC, top dead center.
I need to write it down.
Modest caribou.
I have a coupon.


There will be those nights I go down to the crick.
With the moon and sundry other goods.
Time and Flow.

What’s in your head, Zombie.
Hunger and my lead, Zombie.

Frank says, blow blow man blow.

This is the hour of our soul.
Sing sweetly for the Sun and the reaper’s blade,
For you never know.