Thursday, June 28, 2007

OK, Scratch THAT



my good friend "Chicago Billy" has just passed on this
article, which debunks the story I posted recently about how
the Milky Way is not really our home galaxy...

Thank you for the correction, Billy.

Boy, don't I feel like the horse's ass...

(it was Billy who sent me the bunky story in the first place...
ya can't say he doens't follow up) ;-)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Home Isn't Behind Us


"The fact that the Milky Way is seen in the sky at an angle has always puzzled astronomers. If we originated from the Milky Way, we ought to be oriented to the galaxy's ecliptic, with the planets aligned around our Sun in much the same angle as our Sun aligns with the Milky Way. Instead, as first suggested by researcher Matthew Perkins Erwin, the odd angle suggests that our Sun is influenced by some other system. Together with data from the Two-Micron All Sky Survey we now know what it is. We actually belong to the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy."

(and as a special PREEMPTIVE note... THE CURE is going to play at Colorado's famed
amphitheatre, Red Rocks, in October...
Can you just hear Valyna squealing with delight?)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

May Bee


(fire up your imagination's folky melody, and sing along)

I had dreams of grandeur,
waking in a manger,
but found I wasn't born to save.

Love my sweet May Bee,
told her many fably,
lost her near the city ditch.

Found two fountain pen,
down where the road do bend,
use them to write this here song.

Forgot my mother's middle name,
Read it right off her mossing grave,
Never meet her likely or again.

Went to the fire shanty,
surprised by my fancy,
can't tell a soul what I done.


No I can't tell a soul what I done.
No I can't tell a soul what I done.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Which Ones


Which ones

There are no problems
But in the hearts we share.

Building houses on sand,
Daring Wolves to appear,
On beaches washing away
Into worlds invisible.

Seen eyes today,
Twinkling like stars
Lost behind heavy clouds,
Of an oncoming storm,
Bustling the dress of
The mother of destruction.

Her lust for souls grows unchecked.
Her mighty droolings falling like bombs
On the poor waifs below.

Did you ever wonder why we wonder so?
So much of why there’s things we could do better?

Dreams left behind in the early hours before
Dawn wakes,
To rush off to routine,
To leave behind those childhood breaths,
Fogged between the teeth in morning air.

By afternoon,
The sweat building upon the brow,
And yet evening beverages with other adults,
And again then,
Then dreams we keep quiet in our cups,
Hold our lives in a single swallow.

We grimace with pain,
The effort to remain sane
When all indication lead to absurdity,
To chaos, to madness of light and shadow,
Swallowing shadows.

Drinking down other peoples’
Fear, laughter,
As nothing has ever been as it is now,
And everything is unchanged
In the maddening hearts of men.

For life is a sometimes thing.
It is not a given.
It is not a gift from god,
But a seldom glorious chance
Of little bugs begetting
Their own God's breath,
Sometimes poisonous,
Sometimes pure.

And judge not,
And never forget to discern,
To know thy guesses
As thy truth,
Because whatever you think
You’re looking for,
It's all behind you,
Before you,
And a head.


Goodnight darkness,
Follow the path you cannot see,
Follow that lie that is me.

Have mercy upon the powerful,
Give the kind more lead.

Fight to find peace.


Give me the time of your day.

Find fire,
Find fault,
Find fury.

Drive to Ault


Find where time stops for no man.

Be gone with all your beginnings.

Leave the start behind your left shoulder.

Kiss everything,
And pray for goodbyes well met.