Monday, February 13, 2006


conviction she

Conviction: the act of convincing a person
of error or of compelling
the admission of a truth.

I can appreciate the conviction.
That’s what trials are for.

The soul.
Some little ‘s’ in the mouth of Soulzilla.
Algorithms for how water mixes on a convex surface,
But slides off anyway.

Epiphanies of how I exist,
How I love you.
My life,
In the most quiet moments,
Attends you, my love.

Dreams find their meaning as we wake,
Brewing, distilling, enlivening us.

It is about love.
It is about hate.
It is not about any of us.
It is us.

So personal,
So abstract.

The truth is we lie.
We live to believe some self made dream,
Because it makes us feel,

And feeling is survival,
As much as intelligence,
As much as the mammalian instinct,
The rapid reactions of the brain stem,
The endocrine influence on the mind.

What was the time before mind?
Undefined tension.
Some story about opening old safes in a submarine.

(Hearing heartbeats in the ear
Monitoring the atomic clock’s Cesium beam)

Have we forgotten the barbarians?
Have we forgotten the Lucifer Principal?
Forgot that there are those who wait,
To use the depraved means we have forsworn?

Space in size,
Space in tone,
Space when you know,

A shot of Meyer’s isn’t a commodity.

Speak space to China, India, Russ…asia.
America must?
What can any empire do?

Economic volunteerism.
Volunteer a single a hour a day
To the cause of one’s choice.
Donate time to research of clean energy.
An .org. to assemble the Online-Volk.

One hour a day.
One hour of democracy.
American competitive altruistic initiative.
ACAI, the Elective Contribution.

Sometimes it pays to read the instructions.
That’s why wars and love kill me.
There’s no fun in war anymore.

When you get a real lesson for little cost,
That’s a lucky day.

To swim,
You have to get wet.
To rush,
You have to go down the mountain.

Perhaps the past is the only half of life we understand.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

After April

april rains

After April

You may happen upon this stance,
Taking care first of small realities,
Forgetting again, the cold heart of the world.

You may look to the West,
That easy winter,
That blue-grey sky.

Sometimes we’re not humorous when joking.
Sometimes we’re just brushing our teeth.

Some say, it only rains so long before turning into a desert.

The times may not be linear,
But a compounding progression,
Deepening the effects of expression.

We still wait for another Easter,
After this vision,
After this scene,
After this sleep,
After this cruelty,
After these showers for the flowers.

Into the night, the sky
The dirt, the mountains,
The shadows of the Darkness before dawn,
We throw Relief, this whisper between us,
Knowing ourselves.

We from the trees,
Moved to the savannah,
Walked and aimed with an arm,
Found the Me,
Then the you and me of us.
The Mees with Eyes made something from a tree,
A broom, a loom,
Plantations and the City.

Like reactive action,
Steady stop buzzes the Bee,
Touching flowers for the time Being.

We found fire puzzles,
The strong and weak forces, and
Eggs to be broken open by the sly fox’s grin.

We began by growing,
From subatomic parts outward,
From some old center of gravity,
Tangled by our power to pull, and our successes.

We are a species of guilty blood.

After April,
Of this year our Lord,
What will we see.

Might we feel our way finally to freedom?
What should we know to know this?

Just dumb questions we don’t hear each other asking.
Dumb like tape over the mouth.
Dumb as paint,
Some coughing soliloquy,
Dumb as color illustrations.
Dumb as blindness to the Sun inside you.

What glorious rainbows Spring up there?
Is Light truly half of Dark?
The most sacred days are spread evenly between
Each Solstice, each Equinox.

Life like Light
Proceeds in two temporal directions,
Back and Fro,
Photons carrying the energy and
Information of Time,
Reflecting until finally absorbed,
By you and me, and everything.

Maybe what we see, happens to be.

Maybe after April,
We will believe.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Time Enough for Love

open your heart

Damn necessities of dramatic presentation!
Why's Jack gotta be so real!?

"Someone call CTU, Jack Bauer went an hour without killing someone.

I blame Audrey (S4GF) and her messed-up face. She forced Jack to waste time in order to analyze his feelings for her and her nose. Jack Bauer's on his way to blow the cover of a conspiracy at the highest level of government that involves the murder of the Former President/All-State Spokesman, not to mention enough missing nerve gas to kill a Kennedy...and S4GF thinks it's a good time to have a relationship chat. Women - can't live with 'em...can't have Curtis torture 'em.

This and more awesome commentary @ Blogs4Bauer.


ps, "Time Enough for Love".... is one awesome book by Robert Heinlein.


Ok... let me use the word one more time.... AWESOME!
That's Awesome!!