Thursday, April 23, 2009



"A strange giant space “blob” spotted when the universe was relatively young has got astronomers puzzled. . . . But what’s most remarkable about this blob is its size: It's 55,000 light-years long, which is comparable to the radius of the disk-shaped Milky Way. According to many theories of the universe, nothing was supposed to be that big at that time in the universe. The other objects from that period are far smaller, Ouchi said."


(you mean we're not 100% sure of our scientific theories??? damn it, I'm going back into the zombie shelter... er, blob shelter)

Friday, April 17, 2009

And Good Riddance


...the future, or the future as a lot of people are hoping it will be: pared down, more natural, more stable, less full of enervating overstimulation, of what Walker Percy called the "trivial magic" of modern times.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Some Common Yet "New" Sense For US Foreign Policy

uncle sam victory garden

In this volatile setting, direct American military involvement in conflicts where the U.S. itself is not attacked and its national prosperity is not at risk should be avoided. Otherwise, American military involvement could cause 21st century conflicts to spin out of control and confront Americans with regional alliances designed to contain American military power; alliances that but for American military intervention would not exist. It is vital the U.S. not repeat the mistakes of the British Empire in 1914: overestimate its national power by involving itself in a self-defeating regional war it does not need to fight and precipitate its own economic and military decline.