Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shade Of A Tree


See sideways settle down
See holes find purchase in your eyes
See happenstance decide

Perforated lines crisscross the planet
Bent to and fro
Moments from letting go

It will finally come

And though too many hear but the sound of the Drum
Remember those of us with ears for a Flute
Don’t pull back but twice shoot

Definitions tired and falsified will breakaway
Fewer tomorrows lost to today
There will be wholesome smiles, uplifted again

We all could stand to lose the weight
Sitting has danced its last with fate
Evil shall no longer pinch us twist chalk and slate

So continue your harvest as always
What will, will be
We know why, the shade of a tree

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Always Forward


If the days measure fitful, you need first master the chaos inside.

If the days prove the depth of challenge, useful is that cool core within, as the marbled pillar of the temple.

It is your eyes that dance the line between the world’s pain and your own, as sacred stained glass buffeted by winds from far away lands and from the torments churning deep in your soul’s cave.

Your pain is your beauty.

It is not a cause of despair, but of delight.

Your triumph takes the breath from crowds, makes people fear their own paler skin, this I have seen.

There is nothing wrong with what has fallen.

Fruit of the Garden, stars from Heaven, leaves from the olive Tree.

The is no faith to be lost in the future.

Turns of the prayer Wheel, followers of the Hundred, sanity finding Sense.

Be not bedazzled by the flashing ripples of the water’s surface.

Know Blind,

but know the flowing flower form of the swirling fluidic expanse touching everything, as your oars work and push this row boat of your life Forward, though we are fated to only face behind us, to stare but at the past.

We are Always forward. We are the Shore.

Is The Ticking Getting Louder?