Thursday, August 30, 2007

'Let's Save Up A Jar Of Money' - Doughty


Review combustion
Unsettled hydration breeds
And breathes
And bleeds in melody
And time is for finding

When you have the self conscious DNA
And we are offered a tray
A display
To take our minds away from choice
Away and false feeling

And we will reel
I hate to drop the bucket
But the well is spent
Truth is, the rail is gonna get bent.
And the road won’t run,
And then

And tomorrow we’ll remember the sun
And the one
In the sight, in the seeing.
Away from flies in the jar
The rides in the car
The lives in the bar.

'Bottle up the sauce.
Down, put it down.'

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Issue Is Material


It's nice to see the good side of science,

the savior side to Man's imaginings,

and the upside to trying to win a bet.

Witness! Frozen Smoke

If you follow what NASA's recent probe, Stardust, was using to capture
tiny grains of material in space, you have already heard of 'Aerogel'.

But I had no idea of the further implications of this stuff.

Go read the article. This could be one of the more poignant signposts
on the road to the interior of the 21st century.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pay Attention, Damn It


"The Roman Republic fell for many reasons, but three reasons are worth remembering: declining moral values and political civility at home, an overconfident and overextended military in foreign lands, and fiscal irresponsibility by the central government."



I want everyone to think for second.

I want everyone to consider how their life will change very soon.

The system is consuming itself.

It is becoming visible to even the blindest sheep.

This is not a new reality television show.

The Troubles are coming back to us and our land.

The reset button will slam down like a thunder clap.

The road to Mt. Doom is long,
and the Ring is heavy.

Not all of us are going to make it.


(as always, a daily read should be
The People's Economist,
a long-time link here on The Wall)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Condition Self / NoSelf

1956 buddhist monk burning

whistling heals
and smoke doesn't reveal destruction.

The sound of something moving,
is the sound of air getting the heck outta the way.

Often, time tells itself.

No, you're not supposed to get anything out of this.
You are not the customer. You are not automatically right.

I like Carrie's attitude,
a good budding buddhist.

Kiss hello,
Kiss goodbye,
Hello you,
Goodbye you.

That's it.
Right there.

Did you miss it?

Do you still?