Friday, August 24, 2007

The Issue Is Material


It's nice to see the good side of science,

the savior side to Man's imaginings,

and the upside to trying to win a bet.

Witness! Frozen Smoke

If you follow what NASA's recent probe, Stardust, was using to capture
tiny grains of material in space, you have already heard of 'Aerogel'.

But I had no idea of the further implications of this stuff.

Go read the article. This could be one of the more poignant signposts
on the road to the interior of the 21st century.


Valyna said...

I like the comment left in that article by Keith in Fremont, CA:

"Hmmm. I guess it's just a matter of time before the oil companies buy out the technology and bury it in the basement so we never get to use it. I'm sure the Republicans will be happy to help kill it."

And now that I'm living in Denver with you and your love for cold temps, I recommend you insulate your house with this stuff. Or at least get me some pj's made of the material ;)

And I'm not so sure I would want to drink water that was filtered by the same stuff that can protect military vehicles from explosions, but to each their own. I'll stick with the Denver Ditch Water, thank you very much =)

Helskel said...

I weep for the people who think there's still a difference between Republicans and Democrats.


Valyna said...

*passes tissue

Helskel said...

thanks, baby

"why doesn't anyone ever think of the children!"

--the libertarians,
--some kind of third party.

"why do people not THINK anymore?"

damn it!

*blows nose loudly

mosaica said...

I want to touch it!! That's the coolest looking stuff I've seen for a while...