Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Let's Walk A While


Let’s walk a while

How are you doing?
Things at home ok?
What is your opinion of current events?
Do you get the newspaper anymore?

Do you see shadows in the lighted halls?
See strangers standing in the hats?
Have we thought too litte? too much?
Can you taste the spike in the punch?

Look about and see,
There’s a strange breathing sound outside.
Something is huffing and puffing,
and I think it’s great.

What we’ve been waiting for is in flight.
Hiding by day, traveling by night.

Long ago I speculated that wicked things
Always fly straight.
But what’s flying toward us now I think is more like light,
Both particle and wave, both solid and serene.

Do you know what I mean?
Have you guessed such odd questions
In the private corners of your brain?

Have you caught unknown eyes on the train?

Which stop do we get off on today?

The usual?
Or the one where tomorrow is today.