Monday, May 08, 2006



Discover this.
Discover symbol, character, word, meme.
Discover you, reader, seer, swallow and make it yours.
On thought passing, through that golden globe of electric light.
Minds' eye and ear, turning to focus.
What will I say, what will you see?
It is between us.
Here we see.
What can we all believe?
Is it possible to share?
Without need, envy or fear.
Without hierarchies,
The many disparate levels of instiutionalized grief.
The inequities, the fear of loss.
But, can we lose these and remain solvent,
Remain liquid, dynamic, mutable, adaptable?
What is the balance, where is the balance to be struck?
Between the left and right sides of Mankind.
How many questions are the answer?
Give nothing but process, life in time,
A single evolution, one maturity at a time.
Conscious grace paired with intelligent instinct.

We can do this.
We already are.

It has begun, it began at the beginning,
The singularity of this place we call home.
The universe began as a single point, within us.
That's the point. The very point.
We began creation and destruction,
Between the moments of birth and death.
Perhaps each soul breathes as the universe does,
From zero to consciousness and back.
In Hale.
Ex Hale.
Hale stout travelers, we are well met, seeing each other breathing.
Perhaps we are the universe's navel.
And we ponder, together.
We screw up our eyes and open ourselves to the sight,
The vision of this, this tale in our heads.

I wonder of what there is to know.
I've learned there's more to see on the outside than the inside.
It's true that I love you, as I love me.
But Life, as we all know, comes from unconscious history.
We proceed from dreams, not the other way around.
We came from the place within us, this,
The oldest place in the cosmos.
We enter into the Other,
The places and people we forgot when we were born.

In due course, we remember the lessons we are meant to.

Crocodile Balls Interlude

Joshie in Crocodile Drag!

i went walking to the city
no shoes
no shirt
no service
i played drums for some guy playing a guitar
i met elliot and he asked me for some change and a cigarette
i had no change, but i had some smokes
he asked me to come with him
i did
he said i wouldn't remember his name but i still do
on our walk he asked other people for change and they gave it to him
he bought us some whiskey and some beer
we went to the park scabbed cigarettes and drank
we finished the booze and my pack
i rolled home
my feet hurt

(thanks Joshie!)