Monday, January 30, 2006

Bringing Back Stardust

Here's an awesome one for all you spaceheads!

Download the movie.
It's about six megs, but worth it!

"The glowing "head" of this man-made meteor reached temperatures exceeding 4000 degrees F. Inside the capsule, delicate samples of dust collected from distant Comet Wild 2 were safe, protected from the blistering heat by the capsule's external heat shield. These samples are now being studied by scientists at the Johnson Space Center who believe they may reveal secrets of comets and the origin of the solar system. "


Follow The Leader

I bet I'm the only one posting this to my blog today. ; >)


Thursday, January 26, 2006

More Jack 'N Roll


Jack Bauer got Hellen Keller to talk.

If Jack says “I just want to talk to him/her” and that him/her is you… well amigo, you’re fucked.

Jack Bauer’s family threw him a surprise birthday party when he was a child. Once.

Jack Bauer could get off the LOST island in 24 hours. scared charlie

Thanks!, justoneminute

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ritual Exploration
(click clack click)

Ritual Exploration,

Noon on Earth
Noon for us,
Noon for Mankind,
And this test of kindness.

Will we be in love?
Will we survive,
This striving morning sun?

Children, we have come from the wilderness.
Will we return to pre-dawn, to licking blood from the skin?
Will it call our name as it called the wolves back to the sea?

Will the afternoon be met with evening?
Drawn back to the twilight of species,
To wait in the waves that divide the ocean from its shore.

May we know when the time is right,
Finally to know each other as ourselves.

May we embrace our sameness,
When comes that day we see the others,
Those new ones, those extra-EBEs,
Those not We.

I've seen them in the sky.
I've seen them digging below our feet.
Crawling quietly, invisible in their hives.

The clouds bring us rain but hide the lies.
The sun is occluded, the truth behind Us painted black.

The song just never remains the same.

It’s so Rock and Roll.

If future is truth,
It is yet innocent in our minds,
The past but a lie, misremembered, mistook, revised.

We smile and cough,
We say we know what's going on,
But we forget,
What lives is ahead,
What's dead, gone.

We know circles,
We know fire,
We know how to build higher and higher.

We've looked around,
Balanced and found,
Relationships with the universe take sacrifice,
Some more than others.

Some chanting words will lead us out.
Some rounds of self same communal feelings
Will teach the children to dream star filled dreams.

Cadets from early on,
May We celebrate Space Holidays
Like "Up-Ships-Go! Day."
Thrilling with rising fire seen from latitude 33.

May We find more than ourselves.

Publicize it.

Begin your book.

Sitting on lunch rock,
You might see a mushroom cloud
Rising over the eastern mountains,
"Gotta take a couple more runs."

I need to get my edges ground.
As the world turns more weird,
I shall get more wayward.
And call the suit of the day,
Fighting for survival,
Doing gigs in The Genes and Memes Inn,
In concert.

Seeking the Inn of immortality,
We Must Fight To Believe.
It doesn't matter if it's
For war or for peace.

Fight to see.
Not the Truth, but the Vision.
The continuum We build, this dream of memes in bluejeans.

Act. Action. Activation.
Make what you see.

We see sometimes I am a monster.
Sometimes fires blind the eyes in me.
When the heart feels like pushing lead,
Not serenity.
But it wants to live,
When it wants to win.

Humans... what explosive suddenness.
Subtle, passionate, then dead.
We bloom.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Ten Old Bits of Wisdom, One New Button Under The Links


Important Safety Tips From The Premiere of 24
-thank you, Blogs4Bauer!

1. Do Not Assassinate Friends of Jack Bauer.

2. Do Not Threaten to Kill Friends of Jack Bauer.

3. Do Not Taunt Jack Bauer.

4. Do Not Chase Guys Who Look Like Terrorists Into Airports Behind Jack Bauer.

5. If You Are a Friend of Jack Bauer, Consider the Remote Starter Option Now Available on Most Autmobiles.

6. If You Encounter Jack Bauer and Lots of Smoke in an Open Area, Leave Immediately.

7. Do Not Stand Between Jack Bauer and a Crime Scene.

8. Do Not Stand Between Jack Bauer and the Exit Route From a Crime Scene.

9. Do Not Sit Too Close to Jack Bauer's TV, Especially if Jack's team just received a bad call and Jack reaches under the cushions.

10. It is usually a good idea to get Jack to promise not to let anything happen to you... unless your name is Behrooz.




Thursday, January 19, 2006


ok, fictional fans:
I'm back from under Colorado.
Here's another shattered collection from the type-clack writer-click,
(click clack clack clack click click) -thank you ltl<>mike.


Hibernation's over.
I just found a four-leaf clover.
Burns like Phosphorous in my sweaty hand.

Can you wrap around the thought,
Of this solar system,
This seven billion,
This ball of hearts,
This E -crowded- motion?

It's not the money.
There's not a lot of activity,
No liquidity.
He knew I was pissed off.

We're in the bermuda triangle, between the river and the city.
Vertices designated/distanced by love, time, light.
Equating matter, we think, we compound yet reduce the complexity,
Like light squaring the electricity in Einstein's mind.

The Pass is a great thing!
Only 250 bucks!

The things we have seen but have yet to see.

I've gotten pretty far into F.E.A.R.
Found out where the little girl comes from.

Somebody turn off the phone!

And you wonder why old people bitch.

I'll talk to you on teamspeak.

I look at you and I see your face.

Sixteen seconds since I saw you last.
Wishing this eternity would fall down.
Love the sound of something sweetly found,
Like Emma did say, the song is infinite today,
Like making you laugh out loud.

Move all the clouds,
Clear this sky above us.
Hexico, a newer mexico.
Empty, the spaces radiate some strange fullness,
Coolly, energy in the shadows override, overwhelm

Taos is a ghosttown.
The tourists ride in and out,
Ghostly gliding through the adobe siding.

Hundreds pass through your window,
Cigarettes, smiles and miles.
And miles.

And miles...

Who's to say what life will bring us?
Hopefully the end of this fucking week!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Hmmm, Buckypaper

Hello world,

This stuff looks interesting:


Among the possible uses for buckypaper that are being researched at FAC2T:

  • If exposed to an electric charge, buckypaper could be used to illuminate computer and television screens. It would be more energy-efficient, lighter, and would allow for a more uniform level of brightness than current cathode ray tube (CRT) and liquid crystal display (LCD) technology.
  • As one of the most thermally conductive materials known, buckypaper lends itself to the development of heat sinks that would allow computers and other electronic equipment to disperse heat more efficiently than is currently possible. This, in turn, could lead to even greater advances in electronic miniaturization.
  • Because it has an unusually high current-carrying capacity, a film made from buckypaper could be applied to the exteriors of airplanes. Lightning strikes then would flow around the plane and dissipate without causing damage.
  • Films also could protect electronic circuits and devices within airplanes from electromagnetic interference, which can damage equipment and alter settings. Similarly, such films could allow military aircraft to shield their electromagnetic "signatures," which can be detected via radar.

More Details.


Anyway... everyone have a great weekend!

I'm heading to Taos,
land of giant rabbits and frogs, and interesting mexican food.
(I'm more of a tex-mex boy, so the New Mexican cuisine is always a fun change of pace.)

And I'm coming back with four fucking cases of Australia's Sheaf Stout:

Some bean counter decided not to distribute Sheaf to Colorado anymore... and since the stuff is the best damned stout on earth (it puts even Guiness to shame), every time someone heads to NM they are morally bound to return with boxes of the bottled black gold.

Oh, and I'm traveling with a most beautiful woman.

That is all.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Still Bouncing Off The Wall in 2006



To survive would be cool.
You have to work to survive.
Fuckin' A fusion, we're we're whirl.

Have to celebrate death, the unknown.
Clark Kent was a journalist.
Whole oceans feel the ripple started in a pond.
Typing is almost like paddling the water from a canoe.

rippling or not

"Who is it?"
"It is CANU."
Communication-Active Nautical Unit.


Time B?
Top Dead Center, between the future and past.
A line of knowing, guessing, a cutting separation like Panama.
A line of certainty, between enriched life, and depleted death.
The flow inside us, from coming to loss.


Two shades of light, ahead and behind.
Long reds trail back, short blues bunching before us.
Beginning to see things drift, dilate.


Time's wet upon wet river.
No need to rush, or move with hellish flush.
See the eye in your head.
Feel the world's fingers in your stew.

Wonder why you're breathing and reading,
Of the Canoe.



Talking stories.
Talking plot lines.
Talking about what happened in the tunnels of Celand City,
15,000 fathoms below the icy ocean surface of Europa.

Jed was an ice farmer, swinging 'round Jupiter.
The colony had needs.
Not everything could be shipped from the Mars Position.
And nothing from Earth. Not for four generations.

Jed got up from his jelly mattress.
The mattress was made from the local life forms of the big 'E'.
A curious geothermal heated water-species that appeared
To have gotten its start as sugary, brightly colored bacterium, like jelly beans.


They hadn't progressed far during the life time of the solar system.
But they made good mattresses.
And you could eat them, harvest them.
The cold jelly beans of Europa.

Jed remembers, and recounts for his young ones.

The day the beanstalk fell on Earth,
The beginning of our necessary self sufficiency,
The orbital tether was destroyed by the Red Sand,
The most radical faction of the Mars-Belt economic collective, the Concentration.

There had been various political actions for decades,
In the form of shipment slowdowns, and shocking hijackings that always ended with slaughter.
The Belt's adolescent emotional, political venting,
Hurling giant asteroids into the Sun, for all of Earth to see.

Belt_Mars enhanced

A serious disagreement had arisen between Earth and her offspring.
The rift began with the formation of the Concentration.
Finally, war came, the moment Earth looked to her neighbors, her progeny,
And they declared their independence and their disdain.

It had began with threats of rocks and rockets.
One for the other, elements of destruction falling and climbing.
But Earth sat lower in Sol's gravity well, and would succumb to the cheapness of throwing rocks down versus hurling bombs up.

The war raged on.
The 2300s spent fouling the nest of Mankind.


But time past, people survived.

Not just below the crackling malevolent skies of destruction pocked Earth,
But also above, in tacked-together rock bubbles and improvised ships of the Belt.
And in the sand storms of Mars, footprints were repeated, not blown away forever.

Like a sunrise in your gun.


"Papa Jed, what's a sunrise?"