Thursday, July 20, 2006

End of Everything (nice)

Emma E

On a solemn note:

One of my blogger community friends,
Everything Nice (Emma),
decided to close the hot burning flame of
liberated woman fury and sexual feng shui that was

Damn. It was fun reading her stuff, and checking in for HNT.
Emma is one of the few true Sirens left on this boring globe.

(just like you, Tethys)

She and her words will be missed.

(plus half my god damned traffic came from her site!) ;-)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Aye Leadsman, Be Wary Our Keel


Another avalanche rush
rolls against the timbers...

I, caught in a strange sea,
Stand alone on deck this morning.

Communication from others not forthcoming,
no fettered pigeons,
no signal lights,
no crackling on the radio set.

Alone with my liquid anxiety,
flying the dutchman,
here waiting for whomever you are,
Nessie, Bessie, Moby Dick,
I wait for thee,
as I heft my spar, and clutch my stomach.

Do you feel this way too?

Is it but an interlude?

Are we all waiting to be caught again
in the roving bright circle of the lighthouse eye?

Is it land ahead, or aft?

Did we forget the map of whatever
faceless ocean we find ourselves?

Are we lost without depth charts?

Do we worry how resilient the ship?

Are there pirates in these waters,
are there hull cracking rocks nearby,
do sharks swim below us?

Can question marks serve as rescue buoys?

Where is that light?

Why won't it swing thus?

Where is this?

When is dawn to come?

In what air do you breathe this moment.

Mike (my vessel is stopped; making no way sierra (conducting flag hoist drill) kilo (I wish to communicate with you)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In Is In



my new


It feels wonderful.


And let me take this opportunity to say hello to my new wife!
(though you can't see her, cause she's invisible).