Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nub Of The Mountain

advice confession

Writing so much seems a choice:

Advice or Confession.


Outside Inside

outside inside

Outside Inside

The cat cries and I
Leave the room.

Tonight is all.
As ever any moment we see,
Is all there ever Is.

Again, as always,
I hate to sound fatalistic.
But for the mere fact,
I am mortal.

Pain is Beauty.

It is an unfortunate factor
(and probably some mathematical integer,
widely used in the metaphysical disciplines of the future);
That we conscious,
Find the simplest path to a Beauty Focus
Only when surviving the Pain of the moment.

Perhaps it is a burden of too much seeing,
Too much scope.

This burden denies us true panoramic vision
As it seeks to prevent our minds from madness.

To see all is to not have an eye.

Most of our moment of memories must
Rely upon individual givens.

The eye is truly I.

So darkness begets light begets darkness,
In a Camphoric code of unintelligible morse,
As we blink the days by.

There is no plateau.

We exist as simple beings,
Blind to our eyes,
To our inherent complexity.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rate Of Change


Increasing, are border principles of faith and forgiveness.
Time, in relative degrees, dictates
Actions of speed and speed of action.
Can we speak in clear terms?

We are in a period of retraction,
The teardown before reconstruction.
This is the sound when paradigms die.
It is a moment where we see for seemingly the first time
The height of Bullyshyt gripping our knees.

Turn off the Telecasted mono-mind Vision.

Who are you;
What are you prepared to do
If the system that sustains civilization
Hiccups, slows, or stops?

How do you fight the emerging combination
Of Industry and Government?
(i.e., the base definition of Fascism)

I can’t resist letting the poetry slide into diatribe.
The measure of our hours is growing ever more critical.

Estimate your truth, now.

Aside, this damned mixing of the right brain, left brain!
It’s as if half of our heads was invaded
In the deep past by some parasite seeking symbiosis.
It lives in your head as:
I have a gun, I have a flower;
I see a flower, I see a gun;
I am a gun, I am a flower.

No body is building anything any more.
Only money is being created.

It affects prices.
But not in the neighbor/neighbor barter situation.

God speaks to us in whispers between
The top of the hour and the first minute.

Poetry of life; Prose of life.
Meter your reality to the taste
Of beauty and continuance.
And to the stripes, the layers acknowledged
Betwixt personal definitions between.

Dude I need to see the rest of the movie!

Life in youtube-esque clips.

Rate of truth.
Measure of you.

Keep your debt free,
Your heart clean,
And your powder dry.

Orwell on Kipling:
“He sees clearly that men can only be highly civilized while other men, inevitably less civilized, are there to guard and feed them.”

I am fearing the overly civilized men, the elite.
I fear that their abuse of civilization shall affect my hours,
Shall affect my view of men, as they become a mass,
Shall affect how less civilized I may have to become to protect
What remains of our better nature.

The details are in the devil
And I adhere to the principle,
I am not the devil.

Fear is responsibility.
Locality is becoming the first Rule.

Civil War?
Is this 1862?
Where is Lincoln?
Do we need to be these united states?
Do we begin to question the reach and claim
Of the District of Columbia?

What sense in Paine?

Last Friday Of February


Broken kindling for the year
With grease in hand
We stare at darken gear
With momentarily fixed findings
We spot the planet’s motion
And tomorrow begins today

The life we dream locked behind lids of eyes
Lids of Yes closed in crowd dynamic functions
Dreamy motions and light crossing intersections
Of conscious evolution created, rejected, yet surviving

And we try to plan
And we try to forecast the early light of dawn
On this new, delicate and different day

And so no And

Nothingness is becoming recognized sight
The Invisible left invisible
Unlucky retrograde blinding those in fright
In fear

You see
Without pass
Others will lie where I lay

New Names through the twenty-first century
New weight and meaning to satisfy reality

Goodnight Nurse, Hello?