Tuesday, February 19, 2008

YO! Look Up!

Wednesday, 2/20... Americas...


I'll be diggin out Valyna's telescope and plopping down on the back patio...

cross your fingers for clear skies...

Monday, February 11, 2008



design, function, absence
aspiration, reality, fantasy
super ego, ego, id

a return to typing with ltlmke

a room for the making,
ventilation is important

paths to glory,
getting new teeth,
only a thousand bucks

'i firmly believe this...
if i don't owe,
i can be honest;
that's a great thing'

shat that redlight,
you'll lose your tourism

can you imagine?

'i was reading a story today'
bought house and left.

general public doesn't understand paperwork

fat fucks have no claim

on that note,
every morning i wake
is an experiment

they're asking for logon information twice

the fucked up thing about it is they don't allow it

they don't try to make it easy for ya

that carousel,
i tell you what,
the capability to glue up
twentyfoot board

someday I'll jump to the level
where i can talk to people

i'm taking america back,
where i take pride in
the people i talk to

i let you into my world
and who are you gonna vote for?

lifeforms thrive on that type of situation;
not only is it fun, it tastes good

roger's going to Mongolia for three months
to work on heavy equipment

it's the basic things you deal with
that you learn upon

who's looked at the pacific ocean lately?

it's a great vehicle to oil now and again

if the language is gonna cross,
know the translation

'reading is fundamental'

Tuesday, February 05, 2008



it's rather consuming,
plotting world domination...

I'll get back to ya.