Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The first in a series of half starts

This is it.
Let's go.

This is the first in a series of half starts.
I have no idea what matter of content will fill these
pages and make the scroll bar grow small.

I'll think about it.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I come to your site and you haven't even blogged yet? Amateur! ; ) ; )

Anonymous said...

I think this looks like the best blog ever.


Mr Bob said...

I think the first link posted here should be the best blog ever


Anonymous said...

You are cute! Can I get your number?

Helskel said...

you are up late.

go to bed.

Anonymous said...

you are up early. don't tell me what to do. you are not the boss of me. look! it's instant message only much much slower.
p.s. i am anomonomonomys

Helskel said...

I know exactly who you are.

I've sent a patrol to pick you up.

They'll be jumping out of your closets any moment now.

Anonymous said...

you should link to mullets galore if you want that counter to start ticking over. everyone loves mullets.

Helskel said...

Business in the front,
Party in the back!

Cheese said...

We need to look at the hole picture and ride the wave of life for if you fight the wave it will fight back.

Listening is the hardest thing to do.

Helskel said...

I drown in your deepness, sir.

Helskel said...

ps... the scroll bar has grown small