Thursday, July 21, 2005

PS, It's Hot

MainLine the Freon Man!

News Flash!

In the Great American Southwest, it's hot.

I know this may come as quite a surprise, being that it's mid-July in the bleeding desert or near desert anyway. We're breaking records here in Denver, triple digits every day.

I love the heat so much!

(no wait, no I don't! I can't stand temperatures over 75 degrees!)

(G)od, deliver us from Summer, and its hateful (g)od, Ra.

God I hate that god.

You'd never see me building any pyramids for that blazing bastard.

ok.. heatstroke induced rant...done!

Yo Sleepy, when are you coming through this Queen City on the Plains?

1 comment:

sleepybomb said...

yeah buddy, it is hotter than hellmouth in heater today and hotter than hell in reno too. . . 9 straight days in the triples! and it seems only yesterday we were in the minus digits!
i don't get the'dry heat' argument, this is downright blistering. whew!
at least today it's only gonna get to 98!
as for the trip thru denver, we'll be heading out sometime in october, i'd love to be home for halloween. can't get here soon enuff, i need the muggy!