Thursday, July 12, 2007

One For The Birds

One word progression, July 12, 2007,
Valyna and Helskel in attendance.


New heat of the late year, canvassed in languid running arbitration.

Afternoon without decision, the waiting, lingering gazes permeate the cold oncoming storm.

She senses something heavily pressing against her core.

The darkened sky unleashes at last.

A bird of the angered desert rests briefly upon her worried doorway.

She offers uncertain sympathy without guessing which soul he has taken.

Lightning disrupts their awkward parley, the thunder tears feathers with his departure.

Peering across, she drew in long reflections that calmed the existence she created.

Alone she dreamed of knowing laughter from hollow memories.

Droplets begin to smear her tears.

Silence dwelled until smiling,

She turned and realized,

Sadness is nothing to take to the bank, or for the birds, or whatever.


Valyna said...


We are brilliantness.

And now I'm craving chicken.

Helskel said...

...let's grab us an eight-piece box on our way to the drive-in....

nothing but elegance for my girl

Carl Spackler said...

i love chicken.

i feel as if that poem or whatever it is should be read at a coffee house...or right before you are about to slide it in a girls ass.

i also wanted to let you guys know that both of you are my Ambassador's of Kwan.

carrie said...

i really liked this

Helskel said...

make yourself at home, carrie!

put your feet up, relax...

get you a cup of coffee?