Monday, November 17, 2008

reality v. humanhope


reality v. humanhope

instinctual driven beyond the stomach,
altruistic mammalian response, deriven

can't get enough of a drag, drag pull,
johnny waters and his flicked on bride,
don't say goodnight, let me take a ride.

no goodbye to the neighboring city,
who's the die.
see the omega man on his ride.

grip me little, let's keep what's mine.
no goodbye to the city, we'll never sigh.

contract, expand, breathe next to me the land.
what's harmony, my bic sliding in ashtray hand.

the direction is forward, no simpler way to say,
good night as always,
the things you wish to leave at bay.

but goodnight to the city, not while there's yet day.
raucous and rucksacks, human feet beating.

silent see the favors, the violent shaded lee
do you fight, do you agree,
what new gover-ment in the broken street.

hold to the kind, hold to the free,
no city alone can be.

tidal waves,
slavering we settle for nothing less.
then maybe we’ll see,
nothing less than the stars.

1 comment:

Valyna said...

No fear, my dear.

The answer is clear.

...guns, sex and booze.

(not necessarily in that order)