Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Even So


even so
even tide
even flux
every side

dangerous sight
in sky tension

even told
even seen
even tried
strike the scene

wash the mine
wear the soul

even felt
even forgotten
ever for

fulcrums riding
upon themselves
shifting worlds
amongst God’s shelves


even death
even breath
every finger buried and cleaved
in the mane, pale horse
in the vein, pale rider

boil us some tea
boil us the sea
even though
even so

break the band, burn the stand
find the tiger, break the toe
even though
even so

find the pockets for the hand
turn away, colors from the bow
even though
it rages
even so
it fades

evenly evening comes
even though
even so


Valyna said...

*raises eyebrow

Helskel said...

stumped even the master reader eh?

Mr Bob said...

nice...all of your recent entries. Top should write a book.

mosaica said...

I love it when you play with words like that...makes me smile...

Bunny said...

Happy Birthday! (Mine was Thursday, but I think I'm much, much older than you!)

Carl Spackler said...

happy birthday helskel! ok, now its time to give you some birthday spankings. assume the position...

~d said...

A very happy birthday to the (man) who I (love) by PROXY!