Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The While


And upon the face of fear
I cast the dream,
the memory,
the moorless knowledge
of heroes and friends
and Baskervilles.

Funny how little we
know of the effect
of the smallest moments of love.

Timeless legends affecting generations of life,
from the littlest twitch of compassion,
interpretation and sacrifice.

Girthing ourselves in light,
finally dreaming with one eye,
we can hear the wells speak of older waters,
and wishes... fulfilled with a sigh.

Do drink from the spoon that is offered,
from the quiet hand.

Do tilt the same offering
from the center of your heart.

Do see,
Do smile,
As we all wonder together
The face, the bravery, the saintly laugh,

The while.


Valyna said...

Beautiful and deep... much like the love I have for someone you know quite well.

mosaica said...

That was truly lovely...the best of yours in some time...took me back to a time long ago. Thanks for that...