Thursday, May 26, 2005

Calling Fireflies Who Cannot See


Perhaps what we say is not today, but tomorrow
Read the book you will be writing, strange worlds unfurl
Anticipation becomes more than a one way street

The future’s a sight to see
Are you there with me?

Initial actions
Pre-umbral attractions
Pieces of the puzzle before the picture is pleased

The future’s a furious fight in me
Are you Locke or key?

A new dimension came years ago
Now our reflections our reflections show
We broke the ice on a shifting sea

The future’s a label maker stuck on E
Are you mouse molesting bourgeoisie?

Buzzing flowers in the field
A cross-pollinating swirl
Genuflect before the savior bee

The future’s a connective tree
Swing together singing shall we?

Machines smaller than the glazing of an eye
Sweetly wait to service you and I
Miracles will become convenient necessity

The future’s a sight to be
Are you there and free?

Some days we’ll live and thrive
Some days we’ll sigh and die
Just another Jesus complex simple in the sky

The future’s a dark marquee
Calling fireflies who cannot see



nostradumass said...


don't know if i'll make a tune, but damn. and if i lift a line here or there i'll be sure to credit that which is your intellectual property.

Nerveana said...


sleepybomb said...

have you thought of publishing this stuff? it really is great . . .
now i am dusting off the pianny, i feel a song coming on . . .

Helskel said...

very kind things to say,
my friends

I guess
if I can collect twenty or thirty or fifty or whatever

a good chunk

publishing would be adream come true.

Now, I'm off to Cincinnati and Indiana tomorrow... it's thunderous and rainy here in Denver tonight.

maybe see if I can add another faggot to the fire

(not gay, mind you)
(just a british "faggot", ya know?)

sleepybomb said...

have fun in the heartland and when you return . . . you're it

Helskel said...

We're back. Well not all of us, but that's another story.

Sleepy, the "you're it" link doesn't work for me?

sleepybomb said...

tag yer it, again . . .

sleepybomb said...

and not that tag, don't go there. . . this tag works!
i need a drink . . .

Helskel said...

You can tag me for a drink!

I'm a bit thick today myself...

sleepybomb said...

so gimme your top 5's and i'll buy . . .

Helskel said...

oh shite.

I nominate Nostra to go first.

(notice my bravery)

nostradumass said...

hey, i telepathetically told sleepy not to tag me, and he didn't tag me. no fair passing the buck!

though having been at that pixies show on sunday as well, i have also put that in my top five. i think there's something magical about redrocks. not saying britney spears at red rocks would be any good, but it really pulls the goods out of already talented musicians.

my number one all time show was at red rocks (though it wasn't the pixies). it was more than the band, it was the experience...

sleepybomb said...

red rocks is pretty cool. i saw the pistols there in 97. very nice, seeing the lights of denver and watchin johnny rotten gasping for air and sucking on an oxygen bottle. i'd love to see a real band there . . .

Valyna said...

The future’s a sight to see
Are you there with me?

A year after this was posted by you... the answer will be yes.

Some days we’ll live and thrive
Some days we’ll sigh and die

And I'm so tired of the dying...

Valyna said...

My mistake... I keep forgetting its 2007. So that should read "2 Years".