Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It Is Beginning

(don't you just love ominous titles!)

For whatever reasons, debatable, passionate or faithful, we are witnessing a changing weather, a changing planet.


"A Cambridge University scientist has detected the first real signs of a slow down in the warm Atlantic current known as the Gulf Stream. Such a development could lead to temperatures plunging in some European countries as the Stream, which originates in the Gulf of Mexico and follows the eastern coastlines of the US and Canada, then bends towards north-western Europe. The UK and Ireland are especially vulnerable to changes in the current, where it maintains average temperatures at 5ºC to 8ºC higher than they would otherwise be."

And hey, that's cool (or COLD, based on what movie or scientific report you've perused lately... they're practically interchangeable, per over the course of time science turns into bullshit, and bullshit into science).

Drastic changes in Earth's climate (rise and fall of the ice ages) is Mankind's bread and butter. At least it was before we all got hooked on bread and butter (AGRICULTURE).

Our propensity to migrate across continents (north and south in search of warmer or cooler climes as need be) and our super adaption machines (cerebral cortex) have served us well on this fecund, but occasionally catastrophic, planet. The changes around us serve to cause changes within us, as environment and evolution often thus dance. We brief, organism encased entities have been shaped by climatic discontinuity just as all Life has. Frankly, I get bored if things aren't breaking. Suburbia, and everything it entails, is worse than death.

So boil on, dear frog (--read some Daniel Quinn). StoryoB

At this point, I still don't know if we're the frog or the warming water in which it sits. But the powers that be have already stopped distributing Australia's Sheaf Stout (best in the god damned world) in Colorado. So I've pretty much given up on everything else.


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Mr Bob said...

so much for Global Warming! Of course there will countless books written (and grants given) to show its all human beings fault. everythign bad always is, quite a few enviro groups blamed the Tsunami on us.