Monday, May 16, 2005

News, Nose And Recommendation

The Phoenix Lights have been captured again, in damn good detail this time.
Grumble, laugh or wink if you will... but the day is coming for Mankind when the nights will outshine the sun.

"UFO hunter Jeff Willes (, captured a new video of the "Phoenix Lights" while investigating reports of sightings near northwest Phoenix. According to Willes, at 7:30PM on May 12, seven lights came out of nowhere, traveling in a north to south direction. Willes later contacted Luke Air Force Base about the lights, but they claimed to have no knowledge of the event."


Go download the short video here:

Nose: (as in, this fucking stinks)
"Newsweek backs off report alleging desecration of holy book"


Basically, Newsweek went to press with a story before editing out the hearsay, falsehoods, etc. And the result was people died, property destroyed, and tender Afgani-US relations hurt. I do try to stay away from politics in this rubber-lined blog... and I'm not trying to take either side publicly now. But God damn it, edit your publications for truth lest there are international casualties... words have power, so leave the ineffectual bullshit no one will ever read to blogs like this one. (rant done)

Recommendation: (from our down-under friend, Crocodile Balls)
AtomAndHisPackage listen

"if you only buy one album this year (or perhaps it's too late).
atom and his package (band name)
1 guy. like starlings, only really funny.
a society of people named elihu (album name)
best shit ever. at least give it a listen.
i will be sad if i am the only person who ever hear this."

thanks for the tip, Croc-B
after work, I'll head to Twist&Shout (best independent music store in Denver)

end of line


nostradumass said...

news: hmm, yes. concrete evidence of ufos...
nose: perhaps you should make a complementary blog for your politics--something along the lines of "the glue wall"? yeah, and stuff...
music: keep me posted with your investigation into CB's recommendation.


sleepybomb said...

there's no link to the music, (i am somewhat interested).
the viddy is great! there have been a few ufo vids done from the same angle but were disproved, they were lights on the ridgeline. . . . these are so good.
bravo, i love this shit!

Anonymous said...

i have heard that the story was run because the source was credible and had given good info before. not to say they (newsweek) were right. at least they retracted, which is more than we could say for some other so -called journalists. as for atom, you have to be in the right mood. lots of people think it's the most annoying thing ever. i like ufo's. the question is, why do they like us? you'd think they'd be bored by now. it's the same shit over and over and over and over...

Anonymous said...

by the way. is that a picture of me?

Helskel said...

sleepy, I'll work on finding a music link today.

anonymous, unfortunately retracted means a lot more in the western world than the east,... and I don't know if that is a picture of you... who are you?

Anonymous said...

understood. but people will think whatever you tell them to. i am anononononomys.