Thursday, June 16, 2005

Oh, It's On!



I'm a gamer. A PC gamer (cause I like my fun a little more complex than plug 'n play).

The demo for Battlefield2 is out. And after discovering that my yet-young(old) cpu can run it, and run it well (with eye-candy and everything... ie, when an explosion occurs next to you, your hearing deadens and your vision goes blurry... very convincingly blurry), I must say.... this game is the Shiii-ot!

I've enjoyed the Battlefield franchise for 2 years now, through three or four permutations. And this one is the best so far. All the football with six inzones--but bullets for a ball--action I have come to love... but now Dice has finally got the details down, the little things that, when done right, make the experience extremely satisfactory. Anyway, it F-ing rocks!

Now, I know the majority of you reading this will have no idea what the heck I'm talking about. That's ok... it all started with Pong, or maybe that little green hand-held football box with the red blinking lights for players. But this is state of the electronic gaming art now... and you can feel it kicking you in the pants.

And for those of you, and you know who you are, who will say: "how can you play such a 'violent' game based on war, especially when there's real heroes out there dying every day?" I say: the thing to remember about these games... to quote my good friend Billy... the only thing that makes this kind of game fun is, IT ISN'T REAL. You put the reality in it, and the fun goes right out.

Alright, enough said.

That is all.


nostradumass said...


just kidding. someday i too will have a computer that can handle some of these dope-ass first person shooters; then IT'S ON!!!

i think i'm just waiting for the game that literally kicks me in the pants.


Nathan said...

The violence is only disconcerting to those who haven't played. Once you play it your sin gland releases endorphins and you discover that it is lots of fun.

I'm just not any good at those games. Three buttons on a controller is two too many. I usually end up spinning in a circle shooting straight up in the air or trapped in a corner before someone takes pity on me and blows me up.

I'll stick with nethack.