Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Crocodile Balls Grumbles


the following was submitted by our dear stranger in a strange Australian land,
with the following suggested titles:

"stoopid" or possibly,
"blistered grey matter" or
"fuck you buddy, i got a job"

here we are again. 4:42 in the am. i must be getting cancer by now.
eat like shit. smoke heavily. a bit overweight. is this how we all
are or is it just me? i am really homesick. i miss my friends and
green chile and taco bell and the good old usa. funny how it's always
the little things. don't it always seem to go, that you don't know
what you got till it's gone. they took away my old man again. fuck
it. not funny now. deadly serious. a few things.
fate is the hunter.
the black keys
leonard cohen
john saffron vs. god
battlestar galactica (new) maybe good, maybe not. spaceships and aliens.
the royal tenenbaums (if you were not happy with it you are fucked and
a great soundtrack)
australia 'cause here i am.
taking drugs is a very appealing plan. makes life dim. not so much
in front as next to. easier to watch. i wrote once. i was sad. now
i am happy. i have nothing. hemmingway and hunter s. had it right
maybe. all life is sad. someone else said that. beneath the ocean
of clouds lies eternity.
i threw up just then. chicken florentine. doesn't do so well in the
toilet. dreams don't do so well there either. how is it that we are
so smart but the world seems no better off because of it.
how i've hated that word
what a thing to do to a child
too many syllables
too many things gone wrong
like a knife in the neck
all the things you aren't
no fucking help
no fucking good
get bent asshole
i think that's it. there's nothing left. i will fall apart now. i
was the only one keeping me together and i wasn't very good at it.

He said "crocodile"!...Everybody has to drink


sleepybomb said...

somebody needs a hug . . .
poor guy, but if i was stuck someplace i'd rather australia to reno. reno is too cold, both in climate and attitude, (and altitude).
i sure hope he feels better by now!

nostra said...

dude, i need you to e-mail me that post so i can put it on my blog. makes me want to smoke... a lot. but what is life without want?

I should get really drunk some night and hammer away something, damn the consequences, and post. I mean, that's how I've made an enemy or two via e-mail, so it's gotta be a solid plan, right. I also sometimes have it when I'm drunk--perfection, or at least inspiration. Pretty much a crap shoot, but so is life.

Damn crocodile balls. When did he get so profound? Guess he's always been that way... this is just the first time I've seen it in writing. moving stuff. i gotta go.

Anonymous said...

would you like to eat the corn out of my shit?

Helskel said...

call me crazy...

but I like my corn a little fresher.

nostra said...

i'll pass on the corn from your hole... how bout some sugar?