Monday, April 25, 2005

Something Cherry


Four horseman braying back
Wherefore their wind blows black?
For the whom of we in woe does their bell toll?
Sing guillotine
Cry more oil for the plasticine
Through what wastelands will they walk us?
Sooth, strange events begin with them thus
Talking in our sleep
Dribbling drool in rolling rivers
Swallows careen overhead
Hooking fish by the tail with a broken rod
To be released head first
To lie with the frogs already burst
What's the worst?
In the liver
In the purse
Down in the Delta
Delta-V to Pluto
Crimson king and all that swing
There's a sign post up ahead
Time wastes no man
Released are the demons
Upon this world


sleepybomb said...

once again, 'sweet!'

Anonymous said...

likin' the shit yo.