Thursday, April 07, 2005

Crocodile Balls Smiles While Flipping You Off

I'm Happy. Fuck you.
i got a hug
here is something happy
my woman loves me
my woman sometimes puts away my underwear
sometimes she tells me to stop smoking but i am slow to listen even though it will probably mean my death
sometimes she tells me to "shut up wanker"
mostly she loves me
and cooks
i was stuck in reno once
didn't see you there
or you
but i did see you
you had one of those clapping hats
wrong finger


sleepybomb said...

hey wait,
i live in reno,
no clapping hat tho,
just a pair of old worn out clown shoes, so this ain't about me. . . or is it?

Helskel said...

no worries,
pretty damn sure it ain't about you

Anonymous said...

not you homie. how could you be against someone named sleepybomb?

sleepybomb said...

you'd be surprised!

Anonymous said...

did you tell them that you were named sleepybomb? maybe they didn't know. it's no excuse though. those people are stupid.