Friday, April 22, 2005

Keep It On The Good Foot

Foot Forward

Love James Brown.

I forget where I found this picture.
Google/image is a great way to troll for interesting visuals.
I like this sculpture though.
It makes me think of how different parts of us feel heavy or more pronounced sometimes.
Whether it be the guitar picking hand (sleepy),
or your feet during a long hike in wet boots,
or the time dilating kiss by that most beautiful person in your life.

Anyway, enough considered, introspective thoughts on art. Now on with:

******Jay's One Liners******
"You couldn't build a gun shaped like a vagina.
It just wouldn't work."


sleepybomb said...

i could post my fingers after writing 'it's wednesday', but they were too big.
cool pic of big feet tho.

Anonymous said...

its true a vagina-shaped gun seems awkward and ineffective, but then again they can technically squirt much farther than a penis