Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday, The Anti-Monday

Ned%20&%20KC, originally uploaded by helskel.

***Jay & Dread's One Liners***

"You know what's wrong with nerds?"


Anonymous said...

I do not get it... but hay If you find it funny then cool

Helskel said...

you win!

the first person to not get what this picture is about wins a brand new car!, an all-expense paid trip to Detroit!, and a signed copy of the picture! (you must sign it yourself)...


To all the other people who thought they got this were wrong! It means nothing! hahahhaha, I rule the universe!!!!

cheese said...

yaeee....... I win, OH ya What did I win?

Helskel said...

You win the picture!!!!!

now go 'save target as'
and make it your background pic!

Feels glamorous doesn't it!?

Anonymous said...

She is cute do we have unclad pic of just the woman.

How much for the woman? I would like to buy the woman? How much for the girrrl. (Blues Brothers)

Helskel said...

Sell me your children!

sleepybomb said...

it is a trick question. who wants an all-expense trip ot detroit? . . . i woulda gone for door #3.