Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It's Wednesday


It’s Wednesday
and we know what that means
no ifs, buts or in-betweens

I want you to hurry over
hurry warm the car
hurry warmth, where you are

I want you to come
without a second’s delay
as soon as you can,
to see me today

I want you to be near me,
on me, beside me,
underneath the moon

Don’t knock or holler,
just enter the room

Switch and sway, oh this way

I want you here
with me my dear

I want your eyes
on mine as I look
I want your lips
on mine as I cook

When you want it
Dinner will be ready
Do you like spaghetti?

If the streets are wet
it’s for the better
I don’t mind if this rain keeps up
They’ll just get wetter

Turn left at Center
make it quick
I miss you so,
yours truly,
mr. lovesick


dusty sahara said...

Wednesay is really called the Long Friday!
Everything rhymes so well! Great job. Here's to the "Doctor of Thinkology."

Helskel said...

My next poem will be titled:

Why Rhyming Destroys the Soul

Helskel said...

or perhaps:

Rhyming is for the WEAK!

Helskel said...

or perhaps:

Don't Have Time to Rhyme, D'oh!

Nerveana said...

Very nice.

sleepybomb said...

you should put this to music, i have been writing forever, (and mine don't touch this!) . . . i think this is great!
can i goof on this and send ya a draft?
just a thought . . .

Anonymous said...

you are still the cutest.

Helskel said...


goof, draft

do whatever ya please

glad you like it.

sleepybomb said...

i'm all over it! thanks i need something to play with other than code.

Helskel said...




Static flux, frozen motion
the line of code

sleepy, if you put it to music,
bust me an mp3 if possible

Helskel said...

oh and sleepy

I just downloaded all the mp3s from the wreckreators

good shit

do you guys listen to ween?

sleepybomb said...

we love ween, why do you ask?
oh yeah, go see the wreckroom, and i will prob have something by monday . . .or wednesday . . .

sleepybomb said...

i'll post the mp3 on soundclick for the world to see, (or whomever stumbles in)

Helskel said...

I say ween cause

you guys kinda sound like some of ween...

sleepybomb said...

hey man, yer a copywrited songwriter.
break out the champaggnee. . .
thanks man, gimme more.

Helskel said...

I DO like the look of a small, circumscribed "c" next to my name.

If you seriously want more to 'goof on', I can look.

I don't really respect rhyming poetry... I guess sometimes I'm just a little good at it.

I blame watching too much Monty Python as a kid!

sleepybomb said...

my excuse is the marx brothers. . .